Cuts to Cenotaph Fund Insult Veterans

March 11, 2016

A program that has helped build at least 99 veterans’ monuments across Canada is being cut by a Liberal Government who simply doesn’t like military monuments.

Now, how is that justification for cutting a program that generates 115 jobs and that the Veterans Affairs Department has stated: “is effective, provides good value for money, and is administratively efficient and economical?”

How is that justification for cutting a program that honours the 40,000 men and women who served and the 158 soldiers who died fighting terrorism in Afghanistan?

The Cenotaph Fund costs $600 000 per year–approximately the same amount of money that the Government of Canada spends every single minute.

Clearly, creating jobs and honouring veterans aren’t even worth a minute of this Liberal Government’s time.

Read Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre’s article here.