Taking Canada in the Wrong Direction

March 18, 2016

When the Conservative Party left office on November 4, 2015, the incoming Liberal Government inherited a $1 Billion surplus. Within 30 days of taking office, the Liberals had already squandered the entire surplus and unnecessarily plunged our federal books back into the red.

This Prime Minister simply couldn’t wait to get his hands on the nation’s credit cards and borrow Canadians’ money. However, what the Prime Minister does not understand is that there must be a plan to pay Canadians back.

A recent study conducted by TD Economics predicts that this Liberal Government will have borrowed over $150 Billion of Canadians’ money by the end of their mandate.

Such a reckless borrowing scheme will straddle future generations with debt and higher taxes. The Conservative Party will continue to be the Party of the taxpayer and hold the Liberals accountable for taking Canada down the wrong path.