MP Carrie’s Response to Liberal Budget

March 24, 2016

Earlier this week, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government released their first budget. We expected a modest deficit, we expected some cuts family benefits and we expected some frivolous spending. What we got was beyond outrageous and has me extremely concerned for families and businesses in our community. Spending money that we don’t have, on programs that we don’t need, does nothing to help constituents in Oshawa.

The Liberals have blown past their promised $10 billion deficit and plunged Canada’s books back into the red. In less than 6 months, they forgot their promise to voters and decided to add nearly $100 billion dollars to Canada’s debt, quadruple what was originally promised, despite inheriting a multi-billion dollar surplus from the Conservative government. To add insult to injury, this government has turned its back on Canada’s job creating small businesses. Rather than providing them with tax relief to continue creating jobs for Canadians, they have slapped them with an increased tax burden.

While I am extremely disappointed with this reckless tax and spend budget, I am grateful that they have finally taken the blinders off and realized that manufacturing is a vital driver of our economy. Our local petition calling on the government to support manufacturing has worked and the Liberals have committed to honour funding for the Automotive Innovation Fund implemented by our previous Conservative government. Furthermore, there appears to be some potential for increased investments in new technology, including electric and connected cars. However, we must keep in mind that potential doesn’t always lead to concrete investments.

No matter what investments are made in supporting our manufacturing sector, it cannot be successful without Canadians having the money to purchase manufactured products. The Liberals have taken money directly out of the pockets of Canadian by scrapping income splitting for families with young children, doing away with the Children’s Arts Tax Credit and eliminating tax credits for post-secondary students’ tuition and textbook expenses. On top of that, they are canceling the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, which will strip $385 million from the pockets of Canadian families and the local sports organizations they support. These benefit reductions will impact the ability of every Canadian to make ends meet.

When all is said and done, even with their cuts to benefits and the $3.7 billion they raided from national defense spending, the Liberals still couldn’t even come close to keeping their promise of capping the deficit at 10 billion. The Prime Minister and his government need to understand that budgets do not balance themselves.