Budget 2017 Fails to Deliver

March 31, 2017

This March the Liberal Government has introduced the federal budget for 2017, and unfortunately it fails to deliver for families, and hinders Canada’s ability to grow competitively. Canadians work hard for their money and need a jobs plan; instead the Liberals decided to implement higher taxes and more debt that will have to be paid off by future generations.

General and Government Spending:

This Liberal Government continues to break promises made during the campaign and this budget is no exception. This year’s budget details the Governments plan on running a deficit of $29 billion dollars. Instead of running ‘modest’ deficits of $10 Billion dollars and returning to a balanced budget by 2019-20 as promised, the Liberals have instead nearly tripled that amount, abandoning the intention to balance the budget before the next election. In fact, the long term projections that have been released by Finance Canada suggested that the Federal Government at current spending levels will be unable to balance the budget until at least 2050-51, creating inter-generational debt. As a member of the Conservative Opposition, I will continue to hold this Government to account and stand up for the Canadian taxpayer.

What budget 2017 means for families:

Budget 2017 fails to deliver for families. Families needed a jobs plan and instead they got higher taxes and more debt that will have to be paid off for future generations. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this Liberal budget that puts more money in the pockets of hardworking Canadian families. Instead, the Liberal tax hikes will make it harder for struggling families to make ends meet. The budget cancels tax credits for public transit, child care spaces, insurance cooperatives, and gifts of medicine to charities. This comes in addition to the elimination of the Children’s Fitness and Arts Tax credit detailed in last year’s budget.

What Budget 2017 Means For Seniors:

Canada has an increasingly aging population. Since taking office in 2015, the Liberals have ignored the unique and growing needs of Canadian Seniors. Instead of introducing tax measures that would make life more affordable for those living on a fixed income, the Liberals have continue with their out of control spending, massive debt, and job-killing tax increases. Additionally, budget 2017 will only hurt seniors by scrapping key features such as the Public Transit Tax Credit and the Family Caregiver Tax Credit. Budget 2017 contained little more than just buzz-words and repackaged ideas. Catch-all policies with the word “senior” stamped on them are not enough to address the very real needs of our aging population.

What Budget 2017 Means for Students and Young People:
Students will now face difficulty in affording their post-secondary education after the introduction of the 2017 Federal Budget. Not only has the Transit Tax Credit been eliminated, but new taxes will be applied to ride sharing services such as Uber, increasing the cost burden on students who rely on public and private transit solutions in order to attend their classes. Coupled with the elimination of the Education and Textbook credits, students will now find post-secondary education more expensive than before.

What Budget 2017 Means for Businesses:

This Liberal Government doesn’t understand that small businesses are the engine of our economy, representing over 90% of Canadian businesses and employing two-thirds of all Canadians. Their lack of respect for Canadian small business shows in the 2017 Federal Budget, as the budget offers nothing to help Canadian small businesses. Once again the Liberal Government has failed to deliver on their promise to cut the small business tax rate to 9%. We need a government that understands how to make Canada’s economy attractive for businesses and families. As we face a US administration down south that is going to make taxes low, we need to stay competitive.