Carbon Tax Cover Up

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have decided to impose a carbon tax on every Canadian, family, and business in Canada – and now they’re covering up how much it will cost us.

At first, the Liberals said they didn’t have the answers. However, recently released and heavily censored Finance Canada memos show they do the have answers, but they’re covering them up.

This is now known as the “carbon tax cover-up.”

When putting their plan forward, the Liberals announced putting a price on carbon of $50 by 2022. Recent reports reveal that to reach Canada’s climate targets, the price has to be $100 by 2020. And the price will have to go as high as $300 per tonne in 2050—costing you much more.

Why are the Liberals hiding their findings of the cost of the carbon tax on Canadians? Families, businesses, and all Canadians deserve to know how much this new tax will cost them.

To learn more about how our Conservative Opposition is standing up against this unfair Liberal carbon tax, explore the links below.

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