Private Member’s Motion (M-131)

Motion Description:

My motion, M131 that calls upon the standing committee on finance to investigate Justin Trudeau’s proposed Carbon Tax and examine the ways to achieve maximum transparency for consumers, including a dedicated line item on invoices and receipts of sale. This will ensure that the total amount of the carbon tax is clear to consumers, allowing them to know exactly how much it will cost them with any given transaction.

Additionally, M131 Looks to ensure Government accountability. The Finance Committee must explore the best method of reporting the financial impact, past and projected, of the federally mandated Carbon tax on Canadian households and employers. The Committee must also report its findings and recommendations to the House of Commons within four months of the adoption of this motion. The intention of this timeline is to ensure that the committee has enough time to conduct its study, and report back to the house. Enough time has been spent talking and speculating on what the impact of the carbon tax will be for Canadians. If Justin Trudeau is serious about introducing a mandatory Carbon taxes, and then it needs to be studied by the appropriate Committee in order to ensure that it is done in a transparent way for all Canadians!

Why this is important for Canadian Consumers:

M131 is an opportunity to provide Canadians with as much transparency as possible regarding the federally mandated carbon tax. Earlier this year, I sent out a questionnaire to my constituents of Oshawa, asking them if they were supportive of the Federal carbon tax. With no surprise the majority of those constituents who replied were in hard opposition to a new liberal carbon tax. After reading all of the responses that were sent back to my office, it was clear to me that this Liberal Government must be held accountable. I have placed M131 on notice in order to do just that. Transparency with Canadians was one of Justin Trudeau’s key election promises. If Canadians are being forced fed a new mandatory Carbon Tax, they have a right to know just how much they are paying.

Support for Carbon tax transparency:

To guarantee that Justin Trudeau keeps his promise, I, along with all Conservative members of Parliament will continue to stand up for taxpayers. Along with my motion, there has already been a lot of work initiated by my Colleague M.P. Pierre Poilievre. M.P. Poilievre has been pressuring the Liberals to release information on the cost of a new carbon tax that they have already collected. Recently, M.P. Poilievre obtained information under the Access to Information Act regarding the Carbon Tax and the potential impacts it could have on the consumer price index and what that means for the most vulnerable. The problem however was that all the actual content including the hard data and numerical values had been blacked out by the Liberals. M.P. Poilievre has now sent a letter to the Information Commissioner in order to see if the Commissioner’s intervention will help ensure that this important consumer information becomes public. The Liberals are hiding the cost from Canadians and the Conservative Party will work to ensure total transparency. Please visit M.P. Poilievre’ s website here in order to stay up to date with any new information regarding this matter. To sign the online petition calling upon the Government to immediately, completely and fully release all estimates of cost burdens of the federally mandated carbon tax on Canadian families, please follow this link here.